*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
About chanfix
What is chanfix exactly?

chanfix is an open source port of OpenChanfix for IRCu 2.10.11.X+/2.10.12.X+ compatible networks, designed as a module for GNUWorld. The service creates a continuous dynamic database of channel operators, automatically reopping channels which lose channel ops. Furthermore, the service can be manually invoked by IRC operators to reverse recent channel takeovers.

By default, chanfix observes channels with at least 4 clients, and retains channel op score records for 2 weeks.

How does it keep track of which people have been opped?

chanfix makes a temporary list of all unique AC accounts in a given channel. Thereafter, the account is registered in the database as channel operators. For every scored round, a given account will receive one point. Channel ops are scored whenever the IRC network is judged to be intact (i.e. not split), and by default every channel is scored once every 5 minutes. Thus, assuming no large network splits, a given account can achieve a maximum of 288 points per 24 hour period.

When does chanfix take action?

There are two cases in which chanfix will take action.

The first is whenever a channel with scores in the database becomes opless. chanfix will look at the scores in the database and match those against the clients currently present on the channel, and give ops to the clients with the highest scores.

This is called an automatic fix; whenever a channel becomes opless, chanfix will attempt to fix it automatically.

The second is when a channel has been taken over. An IRC Operator with an account on chanfix with the right flag can issue a manual fix. If this is issued, all clients on the channel are deopped, and chanfix will remove all bans and modes. This allows the channel regulars to rejoin the channel. Then, after a short while, chanfix will reop the channel using the same autofix logic.

For more information about the exact algorithm used, see the opping logic section.