*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
Frequently Asked Questions: Admin FAQ
I want to run Chanfix on my network, anything I need to be aware of?
If you are just starting with Chanfix, you should run it in no-fix mode for 1-2 weeks. This allows it to gather scores of channels and avoids people complaining that Chanfix is not fixing their 20-point channel. Furthermore, explain to your users that Chanfix is not similar to channel registration at all, but a last resort service. Point them to the User FAQ if they have questions.
Can more than one Chanfix run on the same network?
Yes. However, you should make sure that never more than one Chanfix has fixing enabled. Having two Chanfix servers both set to perform automatic and manual fixes could lead to confusing or even damaging situations, for example: - oper1 tells chanfix1 to manually fix #channel - chanfix1 enters #channel, removing all ops - chanfix2 sees an opless #channel and tries to fix it - oper1 tells chanfix1 to manually fix #channel - a few minutes later, oper2 tells chanfix2 to manually fix #channel Until a mechanism to communicate between Chanfix servers has been devised, be careful while running more than a single Chanfix instance.
I'm running Chanfix but i'm not seeing any scores! What's wrong?
Make sure that enough servers are linked. You can confirm that via the STATUS command. If chanfix has disabled fixing because not enough servers are linked, it is also not scoring any channels. Second, a channel won't get scores unless it has 4 or more clients in it.