*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
Example: #chanfix

Let's look at an example channel, #chanfix. Currently, the following people are on #chanfix:

Users on #chanfix:
[@coekie ] [MrBean] [@Entrope] [+Spikey    ] [Rubin]
[@SiRVulcaN] [@Compy ] [@Kev   ] [+reed] [nextie   ]
#chanfix: Total of 10 nicks [5 ops, 2 voices, 3 normal]

Here is a list of all the hostmasks and accounts of the users on #chanfix:

@ coekie       coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl (coekie)
@ SiRVulcaN      BigDaddy@sirvu1can.users.undernet.org (sirvu1can)
@ Compy      compy@Compy.users.undernet.org (Compy)
@ Entrope  entrope@Entrope.users.undernet.org (Entrope)
@ Kev       klmitch@Kev.users.undernet.org (Kev)
+ Spikey         spike@DenSpike.users.undernet.org (DenSpike)
+ reed     reed@Reed.users.undernet.org (Reed)
  MrBean    welp@MrBean.users.undernet.org (MrBean)
  Rubin        rubin@rubin.users.undernet.org (rubin)
  nextie            magio@nextie.users.undernet.org (nextie)

Now, #chanfix has existed for several weeks now, so there are scores for the channel in the chanfix database. These scores are:

1. 3651 sirvu1can
2. 3548 coekie
3. 3498 Reed
4. 3289 Compy
5. 3176 Isomer
6. 3006 Entrope
7. 1252 Kev

Let's ask C what he thinks about the status of the channel as it is now.

<Compy> score #chanfix
<C> Top 10 scores for channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 3651, 3548, 3498, 3289, 3176, 3006, 1252.
<C> Top 10 scores for ops in channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 3651, 3548, 3289, 3006, 1252.
<C> Top 10 scores for non-ops in channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 3498.

From these scores you can see that the scores of the opped people are the same as the top scores in the database, so the channel is currently with the "rightful" owners.