*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
Example: #chanfix becomes opless

Users on #chanfix:
[@coekie ] [nextie ] [Compy ] [Entrope] [Kev]
[+SiRVulcaN] [mrbean] [reed] [Rubin] [Spikey   ]
#chanfix: Total of 10 nicks [1 ops, 1 voices, 8 normal]

coekie's connection has some problems:

* coekie (coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl) has quit [Connection reset by peer]
* coekie (coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl) has joined #chanfix

The situation is now like this:

Users on #chanfix:
[+SiRVulcaN] [nextie ] [Compy ] [Entrope] [Kev]
[ coekie ] [mrbean] [reed] [Rubin] [Spikey   ]
#chanfix: Total of 10 nicks [0 ops, 1 voices, 9 normal]

chanfix will detect that #chanfix has become opless. Then it will look in the database if there are scores known for #chanfix, and it will check if there are currently clients with high enough scores present in the channel. If that is the case, and here that certainly is, C will op a few clients:

* *.undernet.org sets mode #chanfix: +oooo SiRVulcaN coekie reed Entrope
* <C> 4 clients should have been opped.

After the fix, the channel looks like this:

Users on #chanfix:
[@coekie ] [@reed] [nextie ] [Compy] [Kev]
[@SiRVulcaN] [@Entrope  ] [mrbean] [Rubin ] [Spikey   ]
#chanfix: Total of 10 nicks [4 ops, 0 voices, 6 normal]

In the opping logic document you can find out why these 4 clients have been opped and not any others.