*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
Example: #chanfix is taken over

Someone has taken over #chanfix, set it invite-only and kicked and banned almost all the regulars. The situation:

Users on #chanfix:
[@IHateC ] [@takebot2] [nextie     ] [henkje]
[@takebot] [@v       ] [reed] [p33n  ]
#chanfix: Total of 8 nicks [4 ops, 0 voices, 4 normal]

The modes on the channel are as follows:

+iknmst closed
+b *!*BigDaddy@sirvu1can.users.undernet.org
+b *!*coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl
+b *!*Compy@*

Asking chanfix about the scores gives the following result:

<Compy> score #chanfix
<C> Top 10 scores for channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 3651, 3548, 3498, 3289, 3176, 3006, 1252, 7, 6, 6.
<C> Top 10 scores for ops in channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 7, 6, 6, 3.
<C> Top 10 scores for non-ops in channel #chanfix in the database:
<C> 3498.

From these scores, it is clear that the channel has been taken over. Nobody with high scores is currently opped. So, time for a manual chanfix:

<Compy> chanfix #chanfix
<C> Manual chanfix acknowledged for channel #chanfix.

This manual chanfix occurs in two stages. First, all modes of the channel are cleared.

* *.undernet.org sets mode #chanfix: -ikoooo IHateC takebot takebot2 v
* *.undernet.org sets mode #chanfix: -bbb *!*BigDaddy@sirvu1can.users.undernet.org *!*coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl *!*Compy@*
<C> Channel fix in progress, please stand by.

The channel is clear and open again:

Users on #chanfix:
[nextie     ] [henkje] [p33n   ] [takebot2]
[reed] [IHateC] [takebot] [v       ]
#chanfix: Total of 8 nicks [0 ops, 0 voices, 8 normal]

Now, chanfix will wait a while to allow the channel regulars to rejoin the channel:

* coekie (coekie@coekie.opers.aandekrek.nl) has joined #chanfix
* Compy (compy@Compy.users.undernet.org) has joined #chanfix
* SiRVulcaN (BigDaddy@sirvu1can.users.undernet.org) has joined #chanfix
* Kev (Kev@Kev.users.undernet.org) has joined #chanfix
* Entrope (Entrope@Entrope.users.undernet.org) has joined #chanfix
* henkje (henk@i.aml33t.cx) has parted #chanfix

And after that pause, C will enter to give ops to the people who deserve it:

* *.undernet.org sets mode #chanfix: +oooo SiRVulcaN coekie reed Compy
<C> 4 clients should have been opped.

This leaves the channel in the following state:

Users on #chanfix:
[@coekie ] [@reed] [nextie    ] [IHateC] [Entrope] [takebot2]
[@SiRVulcaN] [@Compy  ] [Kev] [p33n  ] [takebot ] [v       ]
#chanfix: Total of 12 nicks [4 ops, 0 voices, 8 normal]

Back with its rightful owners.