*** Undernet's chanfix (aka C) is not currently active ***
Frequently Asked Questions: Oper FAQ
What should I do when a user reports his/her channel was taken over?

* Use the SCORE command to check the scores in the channel:
  - For a score that is too small just tell the user that his/her channel is too new.
  - Make sure that the top 10 scores for ops are not the same as the top 10 scores for the channel. Refer to the takeover example in the examples section for an example of what the SCORE output would look like.
* Use the INFO command to check the notes for the channel. If the channel is blocked or there are notes that say something about the channel that cause it not to be fixable (drones, whatever, etc.), then let the user know the channel cannot be fixed.
* Ask the user how the takeover happened (opped somebody by mistake, hacked user, etc.). If the problem is a hacked bot, there is no point in fixing the channel until the bot is fixed or removed.
* If the channel is not blocked, then before issuing a fix, ask the user if they have taken the necessary steps to prevent a takeover in the future.
* If the scores clearly show a takeover, then check the scores of the person making the request using the SCORE command.
* Explain to the user that only the top 5 users (as in points) in the channel will be opped. * Issue a fix using the CHANFIX command

* When the user asking has no score in the channel, tell them he/she needs to get a scored op to come to #chanfix and ask for help.
* In case there are no scored ops available, it is pointless to run a fix until the ops are live.
* If a user wants to know how many points he/she has in a channel, please do not give it to him/her. There is no need for questions such as that.